[3D Print] AiO Bracket for BC1.1 & BC1 mini

Project Description

With the release of the updated Open Benchtable (v1.1), the brackets is one of the part that has been improved by the open benchtable team.

The new brackets offer a better support to mount AiO coolers to the side of the open benchtable and unify the design change that first appeared on the Open benchtable mini.

More info about the v1.1 release : https://openbenchtable.com/news/introducing-open-benchtable-v1-1/

These 3D Print files are making brackets compatible for both BC1.1 and BC1 mini.

Note: The original brackets have threading in the central hole that allow it to be mounted onto the table for transportation. This inner thread cannot be 3D printed, so you would have to apply your own threading after printing if you are planing to use it packed.

Thingiverse link : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2858375


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Change log

  • 12/04/2017 – version 1.0 released