Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the Open Benchtable Community Edition & the Streacom BC1?

A: The Open Benchtable Community Edition is a limited edition bundle (benchtable + traveller sleeve) for earlier buyers and supporters of the project. First order batch is limited to 200 units.

Q: Where can I buy my Open Benchtable?

A: The Community Edition of the Open Benchtable is available exclusively from The Streacom BC1 will be available on selected retailers and online at for group order.

Q: Is the Open Benchtable available in all countries?

A: The Open Benchtable is available worldwide, via our online store.

Q: When does the Open Benchtable goes on sale?

A:  The Open Benchtable is available for orders since August 17, 2016.

Q: When will my order be shipped to me?

A: Orders are shipping within 72h of receiving your payement.

Q: What is the warranty on the Open Benchtable?

A:  The Open Benchtable comes with a 1 year warranty for production defect, we strongly believe that it will never be needed as we made it as robust as possible.

Q: What PSU size is supported by the Open Benchtable?

A: The Open Benchtable supports standards ATX PSUs. Larger PSU designed may impact drive installation. Maximum PSU depth is 217mm with drive installed. Please refer to the open source blueprint for more details. PSUs of more than 10kg may put excessive stress on the legs.

Q: Do I need screwdrivers/tools to mount the Open Benchtable?

A: The only tool you need is your hand. The Open Benchtable has been designed to be completely toolless and can be fully assembled without the need of a screwdriver.

Q: Can I create my own Open Benchtable?

A: Yes. The design of the Open Benchtable is open source. 3D Blueprints will be made available.

Q: It says it is open source what does that mean?

A: It means that you can build your own for non-commercial purposes. You can also create accessories commercially.

Q: Can I create my own commercial version of the Open Benchtable?

A: No. This is not possible. The Open Benchtable is the fruit of thousands of hours of design, work, testing and feedback, the open source of the blueprint is our motivation to give back these investment to the community. If you want to produce a commercial version of the Open Benchtable please contact us.

Q: How many HDD/SSD are supported?

A: The Open Benchtable supports any combination of two 2.5” and 3.5” drives.

Q: What is the material used for the Open Benchtable?

A: The main body of the Open Benchtable made of 100% AL5052, premium grade aluminum with a sandblasted, 80 grain, matte white anodized finish. The screws are 100% SAE 304 stainless steel.

Q: I love/lost my screws, where can I get more?

A: Missing or additional screws can be acquired from the Open Benchtable website. Drop us an email here:

Q: How long does it take to mount the Open Benchtable?

A: It typically takes less than 3 minutes to assemble the table, plus additional time to mount your system depending on what components are being used.

Q: I lost the manual and can’t remember some important details, what should I do?

A: You can download the PDF of the manual that ships with the table here.

Q: Where is the Open Benchtable designed and manufactured?

A: The Open Benchtable is designed in Europe and manufactured in China under the supervision of Streacom.

Q: Where will it ship from? Will I have to pay customs or import duty?

A: As the product is manufactured entirely in China, it will be shipped to you directly from China. You may have to pay customs or import duties in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country.

Q: I am a media reviewer / youtuber / famous overclocker, how can I get a sample?

A: Sample requests can be applied for through our contact page:

Q: My motherboard has 6/9/12/many holes and I have 8 standoffs how can I mount?

A: The 8 standoffs provided offer sufficient support for any motherboard up to the E-ATX form factor. Depending on your setup, usually the lower right side of the motherboard can be left without a standoff.

Q: I love cryptocurrency and I have more than 4 Graphic Cards how can I lock them in place?

A: Currently the Open Benchtable includes four PCIe standoffs. If you install more cards and need more standoffs, contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

Q: I love the project and I want to contribute, what can I do?

A: The blueprint are open source, use them to create accessories or suggestion modification and improvements. Send us a message with your ideas.

Q: I have some ideas for accessories, how can I make one?

A: You can download the 3D blueprints to help design compatible accessories. Contact us if you need assistance and support.

Q: I have the Streacom BC1 but no sleeve, how can I get one ?

A: The sleeve is currently available with the limited Community Edition only. We may consider selling it as an accessory at some point in the future. Watch this space.

Q: I used the table as cutting board, how can I wash it?

A: Lol. Rinse with clean cold water and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

Q: Can I travel with my Open Benchtable?

A: Yes. Portability is a primary feature, bring it with you anywhere.

Q: Can I take the plane with my Open Benchtable?

A: Yes. The Open Benchtable has so far travelled through customs and security checks at several airports around the world (inc. TSA in the US, France and Taiwan) without issue. However, this are no guarantee where hand luggage is concerned. Put it in cargo if possible.

Q: I want colors X/Y/Z how can I get one?

A: The Open Benchtable is currently available in Matte Silver (White Anodize).

Q: Where are the LEDs for the benchtable? / Do you plan to do a RGB edition of the Open Benchtable?

A: Currently the Open Benchtable does not support programmable RGB LEDs. Please feel free to create your own RGB lighting version.