Open Benchtable v1.1 vs v1.0

Introducing Open Benchtable v1.1: Unified Support Bracket, Upgraded Rubber Feet, Added Security Lock

In this blog post we want to introduce you to the Open Benchtable v1.1. The evolution an updated and upgraded version of the successful Open Benchtable launched almost two years ago. This upgraded version features the unified support bracket, unified rubber feets and a Kensington Security Slot.

It’s been quite a ride since we introduced the Open Benchtable project on March 24, 2016, as a joined effort from HWBOT, Overclocking-TV and Streacom. Since the first announcement, the response from you, the enthusiast community, has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to your support the project has exceeded our expectations greatly.

We also received great feedback in terms of the functionality the table offers. That feedback has been a key factor in bringing useful accessories and related products to market. Without your feedback, there would not be a 3D printable stand to use the OBT vertically (which apparently helps Linus Tech Tips avoid dropping things). There would also be no Open Benchtable Mini had folks at SFF-Forum not advocated for it so vigorously. And had we not all been losing a screw or two,  there would be no Screw Kit.


Open Benchtable v1.1: Same Design Excellence, Evolved Feature Set

Starting today, all the Open Benchtable units shipping from feature the same support bracket, same rubber feet design and security lock as featured on the OBT Mini.

OBT vs Refresh - BC1 vs BC 1.1

Known as the Open Benchtable Edition, the Open Benchtable v1.1 is an upgraded version of the original design incorporating some of the new features already integrated in the Open Benchtable Mini. The Open Benchtable v.1.1 is available from our web shop starting April 10th, 2018.


V1.1 Feature: Unified Support Bracket

The support brackets are embedded directly into the table. They provide a variety of ways to attach your All-In-One cooling, fans, or even your full size water cooling radiator.

Open Benchtable v1.1 support bracket

On the left side are the original support bracket. Each ends can be attached to the benchtable or your water cooling radiator. On the right side, you can see the new support bracket, which are identical the the brackets included with the Open Benchtable Mini.

This evolution help expand the support of your favorite water cooling solution with a slimmer side (3 mm) on the bracket while the thick side (5 mm) ensure backward compatibility with the previous bracket design. This also unifies the support bracket across the Open Benchtable product family.


V1.1 Feature: Unified Rubber Feet

Switching the padded tape to a more robust rubber insert is the second evolution of the v1.1 Open Benchtable.

Open Benchtable v1.1 rubber feet

While the rubber feet as implemented on the first version of the Open Benchtable satisfied our expectations to ensure the stability of the benchtable, end-users reported that the feet would sometimes stick too much to the surface. We introduced the new rubber feet on the Open Benchtable Mini and the response was very positive. Hence the Open Benchtable v1.1 now includes the same rubber pads.


V1.1 Feature: Kensington Security Lock

As we noticed the Open Benchtable is deployed ever more frequently at trade-shows and PC Mods, we also ported the OBT-Mini Kensington lock feature to the full-size version of the Open Benchtable.

Open Benchtable v1.1 security lock


V1.1 Adjustment: Storage and SSD support spacing

Following feedback from the community we have also slighty adjsuted the position of the Storage / SSD mounting holes, they are now a little bit further from the side. The exact details are available in the blueprint.


New Open Source 3D Models

As pledged to our community, we also have updated the CAD models available for you to create with the Open Benchtable framework.

Open Benchtable v1.1 3D model


New Stock Available

The evolved version of the Open Benchtable is available starting from April 10th, 2018, directly from the webshop in Black, Red and Silver variants.

Special Discount for our Early Supporters !

We want to express a special thank you to the early adopters of the Open Benchtable and supporter of the project.

This offer is expired.

Four discount tiers are available via coupon code at checkout when ordering an Open Benchtable v1.1 :

OBT Early adopters (for people who ordered a benchtable with serial number between 1 and 200 – the “Community Edition” tables)

  • Discount : US$20

OBT customers (for anyone who ordered a benchtable from Full size or mini. At any point in time following the early adopters batch)

  • Discount : US$15
  • Coupon code* : OBTREFRESH

OBT Screw kit customers (for anyone who ordered an OBT Screw kit from at any point in time)

  • Discount : US$10
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OBT Subscribers (for everyone who’s subscribed to our mailing list – subscribe from our front page here)

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Ultimate fans (for anyone who ordered over USD $450 from

  • Discount : US$30
  • Coupon code* : ULTIMATEREFRESH

* All coupon are valid for an Open Benchtable v1.1 (any color), applied at checkout with the same account used for your previous order, valid until July first, limit of one coupon per customer.

You can also find the the Open Benchtable in your favorite retail outlet under the name Streacom BC1.1.


Open Benchtable v1.1 FAQ

Q: What are the differences between the Open Benchtable (BC1) and the Open Benchtable (BC1.1)?

Answer: The only differences are the support brackets, the feet rubber part and the addition of a Kensington lock.

Q: How can I find out which version I am buying?

Starting April 10th, 2018, only the version 1.1 is available from the Open Benchtable web shop. E-tailers, retailers, and your local shops may still carry the previous revision. You can find the different SKUs listed as BC1 and BC1.1 in order to avoid confusion.

Q: I need more screws for my Open Benchtable (or BC1 / BC 1.1) – What should I do?

The Screw kit is available for that very purpose and is compatible with all the Open Benchtable models.

Q: I lost a support bracket for my Open Benchtable, what should I do?

We have you covered! You can 3D print as many support parts as you want for any version of the Open Benchtable.

Q. I have the original model of the open benchtable. Can I use my old brackets on the v1.1?

Yes, you can still use older brackets on the new version to mount cooling solutions. You won’t be able to pack these back with the 1.1 table as the cut-out shape is different.


For more information on the specific features of the Open Benchtable and Open Benchtable Mini, check out the Features, OBT Mini, and Specifications pages. For more information on how to purchase your table online or in retail stores, check out the Where To Buy page. In case you have any questions, comments, suggestions for us, or just want to say hi, check out our Community and Contact pages.