Introducing Open Benchtable v1.1: Unified Support Bracket, Upgraded Rubber Feet, Added Security Lock

In this blog post we want to introduce you to the Open Benchtable v1.1. The evolution an updated and upgraded version of the successful Open Benchtable launched almost two years ago. This upgraded version features the unified support bracket, unified rubber feets and a Kensington Security Slot.

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Chinese New Year 2018 – Shipments on hold from February 9 to 26

Via this brief blog post we would like to inform you that shipments will be delayed due to Chinese New Year celebrations.

Between February 9, 2018, and February 26, 2018, our China-based partners will not process any orders. If you are looking to purchase an Open Benchtable before Chinese New Year, we urge you to place your order as soon as possible. Orders placed during the Chinese New Year celebrations will be processed after February 26th.

From the office here in Taipei, Taiwan, we would like to wish you Xīnnián kuàilè (新年快樂) (a happy New Year) on behalf of the entire Open Benchtable team. May the Year of the Dog bring  great fortune and prosperity to you and your family!

Photo by Yasemin K. 

Introducing the BC1 Mini, an Open Benchtable for Small Form Factor Systems

The OBT BC1 Mini is a Portable, Lightweight Benchtable Designed Specifically for Small-Form-Factor Testing and Showcasing

October 18, 2017 – The Open Benchtable Project is today delighted to announce the official arrival of the BC1 Mini, a lightweight, toolless benchtable that has been designed specifically for Small Form Factor systems. Co-developed with HWBOT, OverClocking-TV and Streacom, the BC1 Open Benchtable is a community-developed product that has won awards from Red Dot and iF Design in recognition of its portability, esthetics and design prowess. Available in Q4 2017, the BC1 Mini follows the same design principles of the BC1 Open Benchtable, arriving in choice of three colors to match your preference.

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Summer Sale! 10% Off Any Open Benchtable Order!

The summer of 2017 has been loaded with exciting PC hardware launches. Between Intel and AMD, the battle for PC platform supremacy has never been so intense. To celebrate the end of summer, we are offering an exclusive 10% off deal on all the Open Benchtables currently left in stock. Numbers are limited. Use the following code to redeem:  SUMMER10. The Summer Sale offer is valid from today until September 15th 2017.

Remember. The Open Benchtable is the one and only fully portable and tooless benchtable. It is uniquely crafted with love by real PC hardware enthusiasts and is available in three different colors; Red, Silver and Black.

Also, all Open Benchtables ordered from come with an exclusive travel sleeve to protect your table while traveling.

Open Benchtable Takes Place of Honor in Red Dot Award Yearbook

So far, 2017 has proved to be a big year for the Open Benchtable project. After coming to market in September of 2016, we have since seen some great looking red and black models added to the product stack, the development of some real cool Min-ITX form factor offerings, plus prestigious awards from both iF Award and Red Dot. The Red Dot award happened back in April of this year when the Open Benchtable was chosen as the winning product in the category of Product Design, impressing the panel of judges with its utterly unique design approach. Today we’re really pleased to see that Red Dot have added the BC1 Open Benchtable to its Yearbook for 2017 / 2018.

The Red Dot Award Yearbook, apart from a being about as heavy and large you would expect any Yearbook to ever be, is very much produced to inspire awe. Its four hundred plus pages are filled with product designs that Red Dot have deemed worthy as examples of world class design and innovation. The Open Benchtable now rubs shoulders with world-leading product designs from companies such as Apple, Bosch, Samsung, Carl Zeiss, Dell, Daimler and Google to name but a few. Prestigious company indeed. Expect to see the Red Dot Yearbook adorning coffee tables in boardrooms and design labs around the world.

You can read the full announcement that we put out back in April of this year when the Red Dot Award first became official.

OBT-Mini – Live Feedback Streaming Session with OC-TV

The Open Benchtable project has been around for almost two years now and in that time we’ve seen so many overclockers and enthusiasts really take a shine to the product. The OBT was designed to be as lightweight portable as possible, while also supporting a full range of ATX motherboards. One side project that has taken shape in the last few months is the creation of an Open Benchtable that is designed specifically for smaller Mini-ITX boards.

The new OBT-Mini was the topic of a live feedback session on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel a few days ago with Trouffman (one of the lead members of the OBT team) and guest Toolius leading an open discussion about the new product. The video has now been posted on the OC-TV YouTube channel and is well worth watching.

The OBT-Mini in a Mini-ITX version of the classic Open Benchtable. First unveiled just over month ago, it’s currently at the prototype stage of production and in not yet available on the market. Here are a few shots of the latest OBT-Mini prototype, just to whet your appetite:

The live video stream involves an introduction to the OBT project, the BC1 table that Streacom and ourselves have been selling and the recent success of the updated red and black versions. Trouff also reminds us about the Open Source nature of the project and how anyone can get hold of the design documentation in order to develop and make your own accessories for example. He then goes on talk about the Mini-ITX version, the OBT-Mini, comparing it to its larger brother side by side. Check out the video below which recounts the entire feedback session in full.

In the video Trouff discusses some of the design decisions that were made when developing the OBT-Mini, many of which are simply compromises that were needed to implement the design strategy of the original product into a much smaller form factor. One notable decision for example that was taken, is that the OBT-Mini will support only smaller form factor SFX power supplies, not full ATX power supplies. There is also mention of what colors will be available for the OBT-Mini, plus several other questions regarding availability and pricing.

The OBT-Mini is a prototype at the moment, but in the near future we hope it will become available here on the OBT website. Watch this space!

Don’t forget that you can also make your valued contribution to the design procedure by posting your opinions on this forum thread.

Want the Open Benchtable for your Micro-ATX, Full-size ATX and big motherboard ? The new batch in red, silver and black are shipping right now (while supply last)!

A New Mini Member of the Family: OBT BC1-Mini

The Open Benchtable family is about to add a new sibling; the OBT-Mini is taking shape and here is what you need to know about it.

About two years ago the idea to create a lightweight, versatile and portable bench bed took place with the collaboration of Streacom, HWBOT and OverClocking-TV. The following year at Computex the project got a release date; before the end of the summer. After a fast sell out of the first batch of limited Community Edition tables, we recently announced that a new batch is now shipping in silver, black and red colors.

The team is not stopping there and is working on a Mini-ITX sized version based on the successful design of the OBT (also known as BC1). Requests came from user groups in the Small Form Factor Community (SFF) for a small sized bench bed and open air solution. This triggered the creativity of the Open Benchtable design team.

This is our current vision of a Mini-ITX bench bed :

A Mini-ITX Open Benchtable – Tell Us What You Think

These are early pictures of the OBT Mini (BC1 Mini) prototype, which means it is the best time for you to give your feedback on the forum. As of now release date and pricing are unknown.

Want the Open Benchtable for your Micro-ATX, Full-size ATX and big motherboard ? The new batch in red, silver and black are shipping right now (while supply last)!

New Batch of Silver, Red and Black Open Benchtables Shipping Now

Today we can bring you a quick update regarding the status of the latest batch of Open Benchtables. The latest batch includes both Silver, Red and Black versions. After a short delay in the last few weeks weeks we can now confirm that they have already begun shipping, with orders now being progressively fulfilled in the next few days and weeks.

The latest OBT product is Open Benchtable Edition and comes with the black sleeve. For the first time we are able to offer three colors; Silver, Red and Black. Apart from the color options and the sleeve, the Open Benchtable Edition is identical to the Community Edition and the Streacom BC1 model. You can find detailed information in the specifications here.

As each model comes off the production line it is inspected, packed and then shipped. Check out the images below which show the individual components after the anodizing process being finished with the respective colors. You can also see the coloerd brackets  which have actually been produced from one piece of aluminum to help make the production process more efficient.

Red and Black Open Benchtables – Tell Us What You Think

Let us know your thoughts on this initial batch of red and black Open Benchtables by visiting this forum thread on

Open Benchtable on Display at the iF Design Exhibition

Today we bring you news that the Open Benchtable is now on display at the iF Design exhibition in Hamburg Germany. This is in recognition of winning the prestigious iF Design Award in the category of Computer Product just a few months ago. As well as sending us an actual Award, which now adorns the wall of our office here Taipei City, the award win win also includes being displayed at the iF Design exhibition, an exhibition were we now sit shoulder to shoulder with some 2017’s most innovative designs.

In the image below you can see the Open Benchtable on display in Hamburg at the iF Design Exhibition:

About the iF Design Exhibition

For over 60 years the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design. The iF label is renowned worldwide for outstanding design services, and the iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world.

iF Design Award

The iF design exhibition Hamburg presents outstanding innovations which have been recognized with an iF DESIGN AWARD. Additionally, they display all entries and award winners from the iF awards for young designers. A must-see for all design lovers.

You can browse all of the 2017 iF Design winners that are now displayed in Hamburg in the link below. Design categories include a wide of range segments including; Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design, Architecture and Interior Architecture as well as Professional Concepts:

BC1 Open Benchtable Receives (Actual) iF DESIGN AWARD

A couple of months ago we posted an official news piece declaring that the BC1 Open Benchtable had received the award for Computer Product Design 2017 from the iF DESIGN group. It was a great moment, to have official recognition from a prestigious group such as the iF Design Forum, a group made up of 58 of the world’s leading international design experts. Today we follow up with a few pictures of the award, which has now arrived at our office in Taipei – in actual physical form.

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