Shipping Delays Due to Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

With this blog post we would like to inform you that due to the Mid-Autumn Festival, we will be halting all shipments from our Chinese warehouses starting September 29 until October 5.

What is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival?
The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a cherished cultural holiday celebrated by millions of people in China and across the world. It traditionally falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which this year falls on September 29. Families come together to celebrate, enjoy mooncakes, and appreciate the beauty of the full moon. It’s a time for reflection, reunion, and sharing with loved ones.

Impact on Shipping Services
As this festival is a significant cultural event, it leads to temporary disruptions in various services, including shipping. Many of our suppliers, warehouses, and shipping partners in China will be observing this holiday, and this may affect the processing and delivery of orders during this period.

What to Expect

  • Delays: Please be prepared for potential delays in order processing and shipment. Orders placed around the Mid-Autumn Festival period may experience slightly longer processing times than usual.
  • Customer Support: Our customer support team will remain available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will do our best to provide you with timely updates on your order status.

If your purchase is time-sensitive, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible to account for the potential delays during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival period. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we celebrate this important cultural festival.

The entire XWORKS team wishes you a joyous and memorable Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival filled with warmth and togetherness. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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Computex 2023 Open Benchtable Order Pick Up

Attention all Computex 2023 attendees!

If you’re planning on attending this year’s Computex 2023 and are considering buying an Open Benchtable (perhaps because you saw Jayztwocent’s awesome video), we have some exciting news for you. While we don’t have local stock of the Open Benchtable in Taiwan, we’re happy to offer a special promotion where you can have your order picked up during your Computex visit!

To be eligible for this offer, simply place an order on our webshop before May 19 (19/5) and let us know that you’ll be picking up the order during Computex 2023 in Taiwan. We’ll arrange a time and place for you to receive your order in person. We can’t wait to see you there and hand over the Open Benchtable to you!

Travel safely and enjoy the show!

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Jayztwocents Goes Open Benchtable BC1 V2: A Must-See Video for Fans

The Open Benchtable team is thrilled to share a must-see video by top tech-tuber Jayztwocents. In the video, Jayz details his experience with the Open Benchtable BC1 V2, from purchasing to installation. The video showcases the benchtable in all its glory and provides a glowing review.

We want to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Jayztwocents and his team for their support and kind words. Seeing our products receive such positive feedback is incredibly gratifying, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

We would also like to thank all our customers who have purchased the product following Jayz’s review. We appreciate your business and are thrilled that you are enjoying our product. As a result of the surge in sales, our stock levels are now lower than expected. We have a fresh batch of Open Benchtable V2’s coming soon, so we don’t expect to run out of stock entirely.

We also want to remind our customers that the Open Benchtable project is a community-driven collaboration that started in 2015 between HWBOT, Overclocking-TV, and Streacom. Our mission was to create a genuinely exceptional benchtable that redefines the product category and towers above any other offerings in terms of portability, aesthetics, quality, and design. The product is also available in retail channels as the Streacom BC1. The only difference between the BC1 and OBT is that the Open Benchtable ships with a travel sleeve and is exclusively available from our website.

Thank you again to Jayztwocents and our valued customers for your support, and we look forward to bringing you more quality.

Check out the video below.

Chinese New Year 2022 from January 15 to January 31

With this blog post we would like to inform you that due to the Chinese New Year 2023, we will be halting all shipments from our Chinese warehouses starting January 15th until January 31st.

The Chinese New Year is a significant holiday in China and is celebrated around the world. During this time, many warehouses and logistics providers will be closed, making it difficult for us to process and ship your orders. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we will resume shipping as soon as possible.

We understand that this may cause some delays in receiving your orders, and we ask for your patience and understanding during this time. Our customer service team will be available to answer any questions you may have and will keep you updated on the status of your order. We appreciate your support and understanding as we celebrate this important holiday with our employees and their families.

The entire Open Benchtable team wishes you Xīnnián kuàilè (新年快樂) (a happy New Year). May the Year of the Rabbit bring great strength and prosperity to you and your families!

2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion: Up to 25% OFF!

November 24, 2022 – To celebrate the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season, Open Benchtable is offering customers up to 25% OFF on all Open Benchtable products. The Black Friday discount is applied automatically upon checkout. 

The specific promotions include:

  • -25% OFF on OBT Mini V1.1 (link)
  • -15% OFF on OBT V2 Silver (link)
  • -10% OFF on OBT V2 Black & Titanium (link) and OBT V2 Mini (link)

If you want to learn more about the features and specifications of the products, feel free to have a look at the product overview page or the specifications page.

As always, we are grateful for your support and wish you a pleasant Holiday season!

Open Benchtable Spare Parts Packs Available Now

June 13, 2022 – Open Benchtable is delighted to announce that seven spare parts packs, designed to fit all Open Benchtable V2 models, are now available for purchase in our store.

From the beginning of the Open Benchtable project, making moding or replacing pieces easy has always been essential for us.

The Spare Parts Packs are the direct replacement of the Screw Kit for Open Benchtable which we launched in April 2018. In the various Spare Parts Packs for Open Benchtable V2 you can find all the spare parts needed to replace any lost Open Benchtable V2 parts. You can also use the additional accessories to extend your existing system with more mounting options for additional water cooling gear, hard drives, fans, and so on.

There are seven Spare Parts Packs available now, ship worldwide and include:

  • Nut 6#32 – 10-Pack ($10, link)
  • Nut M3 – 10-Pack ($10, link)
  • PCI-E Support + Nut – 2-Pack ($10, link)
  • Standoff M3 – 4-Pack ($10, link)
  • Standoff Push-Pin – 4-Pack ($10, link)
  • Thumbscrew 6#32 – 10-Pack ($15, link)
  • Thumbscrew M3 – 10-Pack ($15, link)

Open Benchtable Power & Reset Button

June 3, 2022 – Open Benchtable is delighted to announce that the Power Button and Reset Button, designed to fit all Open Benchtable V2 models, is now available for purchase in our store.

Power button mounting holes is one of the features we introduced on November 3, 2021, when we launched the Open Benchtable V2. It was a feature we were frequently asked about by customers and members of the community. The button mounting holes are located near the bottom at either side of the benchtable and fit a standard electrical switch. Based on customer requests, we now also made available compatible buttons for purchase on our web store. Both buttons come with an embedded white LED, have a black heat shrink cable wrap, and measure 60cm.


  • Button color: white
  • Cable color: black
  • Cable type: heat shrink cable wrap
  • Cable length: 60cm
  • Thread length: 12mm
  • Power button connections: power switch and power LED
  • Reset button connections: reset switch and HDD LED

The power and reset button are available on our store starting today on our store.

Chinese New Year 2022 from January 20 to February 14

As the Chinese New Year 2022 celebrations are about to get underway, we’d like to inform you about the impact the festivities will have on shipments and order processing.

Our China-based logistic partners will not process orders between January 20 and February 14. The online store and customer support are not affected and will be available throughout the period. Barring any unfortunate circumstances such as a resurgence of the coronavirus, we expect operations to resume gradually after the celebration period. All orders placed during the celebration period will be processed once the logistics team is back in action.

The entire Open Benchtable team wishes you Xīnnián kuàilè (新年快樂) (a happy New Year). May the Year of the Tiger bring great strength and prosperity to you and your families!

The Year of the Tiger will be about making big changes. This will be a year of risk-taking and adventure. We’re finding enthusiasm again, both for ourselves and for others. Everyone is fired up, generosity is at an all-time high and social progress feels possible again.

Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 Available From January 2022

The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is now available for purchase on the Open Benchtable online store and ready to ship.

January 12, 2022 – Open Benchtable and Streacom are delighted to announce the availability of the Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2. The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is the small form factor version of Open Benchtable BC1 V2 launched in November 2021. The V2 features a fresh design that incorporates many of the lessons learned from community feedback gathered over the years.

The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 will replace the existing V1.1 design and comes in 3 colors: Black, Silver, and Titanium.

About Open Benchtable Mini

It’s been quite the Open Benchtable journey from the first conversations in June 2015 at the Computex trade show, over the prototypes tested during the 2016 HWBOT World Tour, to our latest V2 iteration launching in the fourth quarter of 2021. In May 2017, the Open Benchtable family welcomed a new, smaller member: the Open Benchtable Mini.

We are proud to say that during our many interactions with customers, supporters, enthusiasts, PC DIY aficionados, industry partners, and system builders around the world, we have learned so much about everything that makes the Open Benchtable Mini great and all the things we improved based on your suggestions. For Mini V2 we incorporated as much of the feedback as possible to develop the best Open Benchtable to date.

obt mini history

In our admittedly slightly biased opinion, the result is simply spectacular. The new Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is designed to be more robust, simpler, and more practical to use for everyday PC enthusiasts.

Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 Product Features

Although the OBT BC1 Mini V2 has undergone a significant re-design, it was important to stay true to the winning formula and maintain design continuity. The footprint, size, look, and construction will feel entirely familiar to current users and the custom screws will still work on all versions

Built To Last

As with every iteration of the Open Benchtable, the Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is built to last. 

We have implemented several small design revisions which will help further extend the lifespan of the benchtable itself. We also meticulously evaluated the entire supply chain process to not only incorporate lower-waste processes but also overall reduce the environmental impact of the Open Benchtable production.

The Built To Last attitude doesn’t just apply to the Open Benchtable products; it also applies to our planet. Therefore, Open Benchtable joins our partner Streacom in its commitment to offset the environmental impact by reducing waste from smarter packaging and their partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project.

Upgraded Screws, Re-Designed Brackets, and Enhanced Usability

Since its inception, the Open Benchtable Mini has been using the same nuts and screws. While we’ve kept all of the assembly 100% toolless, this significant upgrade improves the V2 durability and long-term use.

To further improve durability, we removed threads made directly into the side of the benchtable. Not only does the screw+nut design ensure all mounting points on the table are much stronger, but also, replacement, in case of damage to the thread, is now possible. Users that mount heavy hardware or require ultra-tight mount can now apply high torque with tools to securely mount anything to the table.

Brackets, which evolved from V1 to V1.1, continue to change. The V2 twin-design bracket allows users to mount two items (upper and lower) from a single location. This also doubles up the usable mount location on the table.

Even More New Features and Improvements

We could be talking to you about the V2 for much longer. The list of changes is extensive, so to keep it short, here are some of the other changes:

  • Improved rubber pads on feet
  • Standardized mounting hole spacing: 105mm (120mm fans) and 60mm
  • The Open Benchtable is now easier to disassemble and pack
  • Improved PSU mounting compatibility
  • Power/Reset button holes (12mm diameters)
  • Better grip with handle cutouts that make the table easier to carry horizontally
  • Introducing motherboard standoff clip for a more secure standoff installation
  • Improved component placement simplifying disassembly
  • More eco-friendly packaging

Open Benchtable Mini V2 Pricing and Availability

The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is available from the Open Benchtable web shop ( starting from January 5, 2022 at US$199. The OBT BC1 Mini V2 is available in three colors: Black, Silver, and Titanium.

Learn more at

OBT V2 Step-By-Step assembly guide

With the BC1 V2 shipping worldwide, we figured that it would be the perfect time to update our assembly guide to better reflect the new features. 

So, here we are with our detailed, step-by-step assembly and use guide for the Open Benchtable. This is also is our always up-to-date user-guide/manual.

The instructions provided here are valid for the V2 of the Open Benchtable. If you are still rocking a previous edition we got you covered. If you are a mini build adept, our step-by-step guide for the OBT Mini is available aswell.

On the Open Benchtable, there is no limitation on motherboard sizes, as long as they fit some of the standard mounting holes. There is also no hard limit on the CPU cooler or GPU sizes.

To start, pick up the OBT from its packaging. If you choose not to keep it, please consider reusing it for something else or recycling it!

Assembling the feet

To release the feet, unscrew the four screws holding the feet to the structure. Using these screws, assemble the feet directly in the two holes on each side of the benchtable as marked in the picture below. 

Note that the laser engraving with the Serial number, logo and marking is always under the Open Benchtable.

Attaching the PSU

The OBT V2 is compatible with the ATX 12V, ATX Large, ATX-EPS, BTX and now the SFX power supply formats.

Note that the screws used for holding the PSU and the feet to the main body are 6#32 when everything else on the OBT uses M3. (NB: OBT v2 use 6#32 screws for the feet while previous version used M3)

The 6#32 screws can be found on the left side of the table, while spare M3 screws are on the right side.

The PSU can be attached with the fan facing up or down, but it is recommended to use your PSU with the fan facing up. You will only need three 6#32 screws to hold the PSU to the Open Benchtable foot. This is the same process for ATX and SFX power supplies.

There are multiple wasy of attaching the PSU, feel free to explore possibilities.

Attach this under the top handle for better compatibility with the storage (see later).

Assembling the CPU/RAM/Air Cooler

At this stage, you should mount the CPU, RAM and retention bracket for your CPU cooler.

The new support brackets can be used in a wide array of scenarios depending on how you orient them, accomodating typical 120mm , 140mm, 240mm and 280mm mounting. This help support a wide range of radiators, even large ones.

Tips from the team: In case you build with watercooling radiators or large All-In-One watercooling kits in a non-conventional approach (see the last step) : Hook your radiators before the motherboard. 

Securing the motherboard

To secure your motherboard on the OBT you need the standoffs located on the feet.

There are two types of standoffs:

  • Push-pins : our fast mounting push-pin standoffs for motherboard support.
  • Screw-in : the usual screw standoffs that help you secure the motherboard and PCI-Express support rods.

You can use whichever type suits your needs best. 

Attach the standoffs on the mounting point that accommodate your motherboard. You can hold the nut from under the table when attaeching them for easier tightening!

Tips from the team: we usually go for one conventional standoff in the center and push-pins for the others!

Securing the GPU

At the bottom of the OBT frame are four PCI-E thumbscrews. For each PCI-E support, you will need a screw-type standoff (from the step above).

Attach the PCI-E thumbscrews to the standoffs, and align on your OBT to fit your GPU.

Remove the top nuts and insert your GPU, the thumbscrews should line up with the GPU. Once done, tighten the nuts onto the top of the PCI-E standoffs.

Attach storage

You can easily attach up to two storage devices at the bottom part of the OBT.

The Open Benchtable supports 2.5″ SSD or HDD of 7mm and 9.5mm z-height (thickness). You can attach a regular 3.5″ HDD as well.
Use the M3 screws provided with the Open Benchtable to secure your SSDs and the 6#32 for large-size HDD .

Assembling accessories & AiO cooling

The Open Benchtable V2 feature a new, redesigned double bracket. Alway hook the 2 brackets to the main body, you can then use both at once for heavier items or split them in two for lighter accessories like a fan, pump or our Open Benchtable Debug Card.

The differents locations for the brackets can accomodate mutliple configurations for small and large radiators.

Tips from the team: We recommend attaching heavy element closer to the bracket

You can extend your OBT with some community projects and accessories like the Open Benchtable Debug Card or the NOCTUA VRM Cooling System.

Cable management

With any open-air system, cable management is an important part of the final look-and-feel.

Tips from the team: Use cable ties and make use of the space between the motherboard and the OBT to route/attach/guide your cables nicely.

Bonus : Demo-Mode

The Open Benchtable V2 feature a simpler way to build a vertical system. Let’s look at the key elements of this “Demo mode”.

Attach the OBT feet with the hole at the center of the main body, and either at the top or the bottom depending of the look your want to achieve.

Before anything else, attach your PSU to the feets, this is a requirement to use the demo-mode as it provide a counter-balance for your components later down the road. When building in “Demo-mode”, make sure the unit is stable, as using undersized PSU and oversized GPUs or coolers could unbalance the build.

Secret feature : Wall-Mount

Yes, you can! How?

In each feet there are 2 extras holes (see below), they can be used to screw the whole rig to a wall or… anything else.

This concludes our Open Benchtable V2 assembly guide. We would love to see what you build on your Open Benchtable.