Hothardware: “OBT, Open-Source Open-Air PC Building Done Right”

It’s been a while since our last blog entry, mainly because we’ve been busy with International CES 2017. The Open Benchtable featured on both the HWBOT Performance Matters Kick-off Event as well as the first stop of the HWBOT World Tour in Las Vegas, United States. During our preparation for the event, Chris Goetting from Hothardware had a look at the Streacom BC1 Open Benchtable and he came to a positive conclusion.

The assembly process is described as “quick and easy” and the table is praised for needing no fluff or gimmicks to deliver. That’s exactly the mind-set we designed the benchtable with! The review closes with a Editor’s Choice for Hardware Innovation and Excellence award. Thanks!

Check out the full review over at

If videos are more your thing you’ll be pleased to know that Hothardware also made a livestream using the Open Benchtable for a PC build. The stream is about one hour and twenty minutes long, but gives you a prime insight in the building process of a system with the Open Benchtable as foundation. We’ve embedded the YouTube video for your pleasure below. Enjoy!

Open Benchtable Gets Plasti-Dip Paint Job

It’s always great to see what enthusiasts who have purchased an Open Benchtable do with it once they get their hands on it. Of course one of the primary concepts that drives the OBT project is the spirit of creativity and the ability to modify and customize the product to meet any specific needs a user might have. One such example which recently appeared on the HWBOT forum was from Enthusiast Uing07. Not completely happy with the finish of the OBT, he decided to give it a customized paint job using a product called Plasti Dip. The end results are, admittedly, pretty impressive.

The finish on the Open Benchtable is pretty unique. First it gets sandblasted to remove blemishes and scars that can occur during the CNC cutting process. This gives it a smooth, grainy feel that makes it feel polished. It’s then anodized to create the final silver color and make it more scratch proof. Uing07 opted to create his own unique finish using Plasti Dip, a product described by the manufacturer as an air-dry, multi-purpose rubber coating. Uing07 chose to use four colors of Plasti Dip to complete his creation; Matte Black, Gunmetal Gray, Metallic Silver and Clear.

Step one was a simple coating of Matte Black. in fact several coast were added, basically as an undercoat. After adding a coating of Gun Metal Gray, he then used a thatched draw cover to create a pretty unique square pattern. The end result is pretty impressive. Check out the image gallery below to see what I mean.

The custom paint job certainly look quite different from the original silver / metallic finish. In fact it looks pretty awesome in its own unique way. You can check out the original forum post from Uing07 on the HWBOT forum here.

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Community Edition Open Benchtable Almost Sold Out

Since launch its launch in September earlier this year, the Open Benchtable has proved to be popular with enthusiasts and Overclockers. So much so, that in fact the Community Edition is almost out of stock. Current inventory reveals that there are in fact only thirty units left. If you still fancy treating yourself to a Community Edition OBT, now would be the right time to whip out your wallet.

The Community Edition of the Open Benchtable differs from the standard version in that it comes complete with a traveler carry sleeve (see above). The sleeve is black and is made from a durable elastic material that feels good and simply stretches over the benchtable. It’s perfect for keeping it clean and free from dust and corrosion. The Community Edition also features a special engraving which identifies exactly which one it is from an initial run of only 200 pieces. This means that the Community Edition Open Benchtable, truly is a limited edition product (check out the image below).

The Open Benchtable

The Open Benchtable has been optimized for true portability, a fact  that makes it stand out from other benchtables currently available on the market. It’s only 8mm thick, weighs a just 1.82kg, and is designed for traveling overclockers, enthusiasts and technical professionals. It’s suited to basically anyone who needs to put together a full, open PC while on the road. It’s ingeniously integrated design means that all the components needed to quickly set up a benching station are actually integrated to the main body. These include standoffs, screws and brackets. It really is the next level of convenience and portability.

Order your Open Benchtable now while stocks last for just $149 USD (Community Edition – incl. Open Benchtable + traveler sleeve).

ROG OC Showdown 2016 Formula Series Winners Take Home a Community Edition OBT

A few weeks ago we reached the conclusion of the ROG OC Showdown 2016 contest, an open overclocking contest hosted on OC-ESPORTS. As a way to promote the Open Benchtable Project and support the overclocking community we were given the opportunity to sponsor the contest, awarding each of the top three Formula Series winners a Community Edition Open Benchtable. We can now confirm that the top three at the end of the contest are Nik (Germany) Ziken (France) and IvanCupa (Indonesia). As a reward for all the effort used to finish in the top three of a contest that attracted several hundred ambient overclockers, an Open Benchtable is on its way to each of you.

The ROG OC Showdown 2016 Formula Series

The ROG OC Showdown 2016 Formula Series is a contest setup specifically for overclockers that use ambient cooling push their systems to the limit. The contest was open to overclockers from the Rookie, Novice and Enthusiast leagues. Processor temperatures were limited to 30°C or above (XTU load temp must be higher than 60°C). The only other hardware limitations involved dictated that overclockers must use an ASUS motherboard and that only currently available consumer hardware be used. The contest was organized in conjunction with ASUS, ROG, HWBOT and OC-ESPORTS. Split into two separate rounds running from mid-August to late November the contest proved to be enormously popular, attracting more than 400 overclockers from around the world.

Congrats to Nik, Ziken and IvanCupa. We hope that you find the Open Benchtable a valuable addition to your benching stations at home, or wherever your overclocking desires lead you.

You can learn more about the ROG OC Showdown 2016 Formula series in this full and comprehensive roundup article here on OC-ESPORTS.

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[Video] LinusTechTips Review the Open Benchtable


LinusTechTips are first to do a video review of the Open Benchtable. Indeed, the Open Benchtable project is still in its relative infancy as a product, but we are very happy to see that it has now enjoyed its very first product review. The guys at LinusTechTips managed to get hold of a sample with presenter Luke taking a close look at our creation. Interestingly, he does so from the perspective of an end-user that has not always been a fan of benchtables in general. Thankfully however, we find that Luke is ultimately won over, giving the OBT a hearty pat on the back for being the best benchtable around – a fact that he credits to the overclocking community.

Check out the video from Luke and the guys below:

As you can see in the video, Luke is genuinely impressed with the overall design that has been optimized for portability and ease of use. Sure, it also offers flexible usage implementations that creative minds will find inspiring, but what perhaps impressed Luke most is the way your rig looks once installed on the OBT. To quote Luke:

“So it’s portable, it assembles and disassembles elegantly, it looks freaking amazing and its sturdy all around. What’s not to like?”


He was also impressed with the fact that the OBT arrives with both push-pin and traditional motherboard stand-offs. For his test build he opted for a mix of both so that a board could be quickly mounted but also screwed down when needed.

“I love this because ease of use is very important when it comes to a test bench and not needing to screw things in, in this case is paramount”

One thing that we have not really touched too much on in our product feature list is cable management. Luke actually makes a really good point in the video on this topic. He mentions how when you remove the stands and brackets from the main body, it creates holes. These holes actually turn out to ideal to use when approaching cable management. You can simply tie and secure the cables to the table using regular cable ties. It makes the whole rig look much more professionally assembled.

“Why are these holes a good thing? Well you can just grab some Velcro straps you can use them as cable management loops to keep everything absolutely tidy.”


Essentially however, the Open Benchtable does a great job of making your open rig look as cool as possible. A fact that is not lost on this reviewer:

“So you end up with what it is in my opinion a very attractive mix of revealing the work you put into it while still looking beautiful.”

Admittedly in the shot below, the rig does indeed look ‘freaking amazing‘!


If the link above isn’t working you can find the LinusTechTips review of the Open Benchtable here on their YouTube channel.

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Open Benchtable Community Projects and Source Pages Added

The Open Benchtable project from the outset has been a collaboration of several people trying to create a unique benchtable design that exceeds what was available in the market. Indeed the name of the product is taken from the idea of being an open project where community members, owners and other creative people can contribute their ideas to help the product to evolve and improve. It is for these reasons that we have added a new section to the OBT website called ‘Community Projects’. The idea is to create a space where anyone with ideas for any OBT related accessory or tool can share their ideas or designs with other like minded individuals.

Each of these new Community Projects has four important things; the name of the author or project leader, a description of the project, the license involved, a link to support forum and the supporting files needed to get involved and make a contribution. So far we have two Community Projects added to the page, both involving simple 3D printing designs that anyone can use, tweak and possibly even improve upon. Let’s have a quick look at them:

3D Printable Replica Brackets

The first project that was added to the Community Projects section is very simplistic. By using a 3D printer capable of using LPA (bioplastic) it is in fact quite easy to print replica brackets that can used instead of the regular aluminum brackets that come with the Open Benchtable. These are identical in size and shape to the originals and surprisingly durable and resilient.

The files needed to print your own brackets as well as links to the community forum page can be found here:

SFX to ATX Power Supply Adapter

The second Community Project actually came about when the notion of SFX power supply compatibility was mentioned on an OC-TV podcast. A HWBOT community member heard the podcast and proceeded to develop his own design for an ATX to SFX adapter. Since the design was created, Timothee (OBT Project leader) has attempted some trial runs with a 3D printer to see if the adapter actually works. So far the design does indeed work, although it needs a few modifications to be 100% compatible with the Open Benchtable. Doubtless the development will continue and a fully functioning version will emerge.

You can check out the ATX to SFX adapter here on the related Community Project page:

Open Source

We have also added section to the website where you can learn more about the open source nature of the OBT project and licenses and restrictions involved with using the source materials now available from the site. You can learn more on this topic here:

Don’t Have a Benchtable Yet?

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[Video] Making Open Benchtable Brackets with a 3D Printer

One of the key principles that drives the Open Benchtable Project is the concept of being open source. The hope is that creative people can take what we have achieved with the Benchtable design and build on it using whatever ideas they have. Today, just as an experiment (and also just for fun) Timothée, a key member of the OBT team, visited the local Hackerspace here in Taipei to try his hand at creating some compatible OBT brackets using a 3D printer. The results are pretty impressive.


With the help of Kai and Mr Friday, leading members of the Taipei Hackerspace, Tim was able to get hands with a Makerbot 3D printer. Thanks to work from PureBlizz (HWBOT member) who helped create the required files needed for 3D printing, Tim was able to create some pretty good looking compatible spare brackets. The brackets were made using black LPA (bio-degradable) plastic. Of course one of the fun aspects of 3D printing is that he could have chosen any of a number of different colors.

After some experimentation Tim and the team found that using modified software to slow down the printer (underclocking?) actually resulted in fewer errors or blemishes on the final piece. Slowing down by around 40% extended the manufacturing process by ten minutes. In terms of eventual efficiency, it’s not easy to call as Tim was actually producing the brackets in single runs. A full plate of brackets is estimated to take a few hours. Another helpful hint discovered was that UHU glue help make sure small items such as the bracket stay in position.

Check out this video of the 3D printing process in action:


Harnessing the Creative Spirit

The OBT team is currently improving this website so that we enthusiasts can share their ideas and creations with others as well as offer access to our own designs and creations (such as the 3D printing files needed to make brackets). Indeed we’ve already seen a potentially great contribution from HWBOT member jaffers who has developed an SFX to ATX power supply bracket (it was in fact requested in the most recent OC-TV stream). This allows OBT users to mount less common SFX form factor power supplies. Check out the image below. It hasn’t been tested just yet, but I believe Tim is already planning a testing session this weekend, after of course he has managed to get it 3D printed. Some guys have all the fun.


You can find the original post from Tim and jeffers on the HWBOT forum here.

Check out these images from the 3D printing session earlier today:

Open Benchtable, Open Source

Watch this space in the next few days as we will hopefully be launching a new part of the site dedicated to helping build a community around the Open Benchtable. We are currently building a new area which explains the purpose of the OBT project, also detailing the nature of  the actual open source licenses involved, the usage models that are allowed as well as a place where creatives can share and collaborate on ideas like the SFX adapter outlined above. We are hoping that OBT owners and enthusiasts will collaborate to come up with some really outstanding ideas. Exciting times lie head.

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Open Benchtable Unboxing and PC Build Guide

Yesterday, Trouffman (Isaïe) streamed a PC build guide using the Open Benchtable for over four hours: from Open Benchtable in the box to fully assembled system. Isaïe is a founding member of the Open Benchtable project and regular host of the Web-TV OverClocking-TV. He said it’s been a while since he wanted to do a stream to show how to build a system using the Open Benchtable as a solid foundation. He received three (3!) tables last week and in the excitement of receiving the final product, he scheduled a stream.

Open Benchtable PC Build Guide by Trouffman

During the four hours of livestream, Isaïe covered the following topics

  1. History and design story of the Open Benchtable – how the table came to be and what’s the thought process behind some of the design choices.
  2. Unboxing of the Open Benchtable – showing future owners how to unpack the Open Benchtable and get it ready for usage.
  3. A complete PC Build guide with the Open Benchtable – preparing the Open Benchtable for assembly as well as put together a complete system

The stream was live on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel, but if you missed it there is now a replay available on the YouTube channel.

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Open Benchtable Fan Merchandise Now Available

The Open Benchtable has received so much positive feedback from overclockers, enthusiasts and others that we thought it would be a fun idea to commemorate the successful launch of the end product with some cool looking fan merchandise. In collaboration with teespring, we are today happy to announce the limited availability of Open Benchtable t-shirts, hoodies, stickers and mugs. The gear is available for a limited period only with availability expiring on October 26th. However the good news for Open Benchtable owners is that you can get a $5 coupon code (send us a message, and we’ll sent over the coupon code). Check out the designs below:

Official Open Benchtable Fan Merchandise

You can find  the full Open Benchtable merchandise catalogue at the treespring link (below) which is essentially the official Open Benchtable merchandise store. Support the Open Benchtable project and show your love for the best benchtable in the world!

Open Benchtable on Teespring:

We are still taking orders!

Right now the Open Benchtable is being manufactured in limited batches. It can be ordered now for $149 USD (Community Edition – incl. Open Benchtable + traveler sleeve).

Pictures – Community Members Show-off their Benchtable

Show us some pictures! The Open Benchtable is shipping since two weeks. And of course, everyone is excited to receive their order! But what is even more exiting is to see how each community member is using his own table. Becasue the design of the table is so flexible, there are hundreds of possible combinations to mount items on the table and arrange each component to ones liking.

Enough talking, here come the pictures :

We’ve collected these pictures through our forums but also across Facebook. If you want to have your rig featured and added to this gallery – simply send us some pictures (or start a new thread on the forums) and we will share.

Show us how you’ve build your system!

Not ordered yet ?

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