Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 Available From January 2022

The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is now available for purchase on the Open Benchtable online store and ready to ship.

January 12, 2022 – Open Benchtable and Streacom are delighted to announce the availability of the Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2. The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is the small form factor version of Open Benchtable BC1 V2 launched in November 2021. The V2 features a fresh design that incorporates many of the lessons learned from community feedback gathered over the years.

The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 will replace the existing V1.1 design and comes in 3 colors: Black, Silver, and Titanium.

About Open Benchtable Mini

It’s been quite the Open Benchtable journey from the first conversations in June 2015 at the Computex trade show, over the prototypes tested during the 2016 HWBOT World Tour, to our latest V2 iteration launching in the fourth quarter of 2021. In May 2017, the Open Benchtable family welcomed a new, smaller member: the Open Benchtable Mini.

We are proud to say that during our many interactions with customers, supporters, enthusiasts, PC DIY aficionados, industry partners, and system builders around the world, we have learned so much about everything that makes the Open Benchtable Mini great and all the things we improved based on your suggestions. For Mini V2 we incorporated as much of the feedback as possible to develop the best Open Benchtable to date.

obt mini history

In our admittedly slightly biased opinion, the result is simply spectacular. The new Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is designed to be more robust, simpler, and more practical to use for everyday PC enthusiasts.

Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 Product Features

Although the OBT BC1 Mini V2 has undergone a significant re-design, it was important to stay true to the winning formula and maintain design continuity. The footprint, size, look, and construction will feel entirely familiar to current users and the custom screws will still work on all versions

Built To Last

As with every iteration of the Open Benchtable, the Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is built to last. 

We have implemented several small design revisions which will help further extend the lifespan of the benchtable itself. We also meticulously evaluated the entire supply chain process to not only incorporate lower-waste processes but also overall reduce the environmental impact of the Open Benchtable production.

The Built To Last attitude doesn’t just apply to the Open Benchtable products; it also applies to our planet. Therefore, Open Benchtable joins our partner Streacom in its commitment to offset the environmental impact by reducing waste from smarter packaging and their partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project.

Upgraded Screws, Re-Designed Brackets, and Enhanced Usability

Since its inception, the Open Benchtable Mini has been using the same nuts and screws. While we’ve kept all of the assembly 100% toolless, this significant upgrade improves the V2 durability and long-term use.

To further improve durability, we removed threads made directly into the side of the benchtable. Not only does the screw+nut design ensure all mounting points on the table are much stronger, but also, replacement, in case of damage to the thread, is now possible. Users that mount heavy hardware or require ultra-tight mount can now apply high torque with tools to securely mount anything to the table.

Brackets, which evolved from V1 to V1.1, continue to change. The V2 twin-design bracket allows users to mount two items (upper and lower) from a single location. This also doubles up the usable mount location on the table.

Even More New Features and Improvements

We could be talking to you about the V2 for much longer. The list of changes is extensive, so to keep it short, here are some of the other changes:

  • Improved rubber pads on feet
  • Standardized mounting hole spacing: 105mm (120mm fans) and 60mm
  • The Open Benchtable is now easier to disassemble and pack
  • Improved PSU mounting compatibility
  • Power/Reset button holes (12mm diameters)
  • Better grip with handle cutouts that make the table easier to carry horizontally
  • Introducing motherboard standoff clip for a more secure standoff installation
  • Improved component placement simplifying disassembly
  • More eco-friendly packaging

Open Benchtable Mini V2 Pricing and Availability

The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 is available from the Open Benchtable web shop ( starting from January 5, 2022 at US$199. The OBT BC1 Mini V2 is available in three colors: Black, Silver, and Titanium.

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