Open Benchtable Spare Parts Packs Available Now

June 13, 2022 – Open Benchtable is delighted to announce that seven spare parts packs, designed to fit all Open Benchtable V2 models, are now available for purchase in our store.

From the beginning of the Open Benchtable project, making moding or replacing pieces easy has always been essential for us.

The Spare Parts Packs are the direct replacement of the Screw Kit for Open Benchtable which we launched in April 2018. In the various Spare Parts Packs for Open Benchtable V2 you can find all the spare parts needed to replace any lost Open Benchtable V2 parts. You can also use the additional accessories to extend your existing system with more mounting options for additional water cooling gear, hard drives, fans, and so on.

There are seven Spare Parts Packs available now, ship worldwide and include:

  • Nut 6#32 – 10-Pack ($10, link)
  • Nut M3 – 10-Pack ($10, link)
  • PCI-E Support + Nut – 2-Pack ($10, link)
  • Standoff M3 – 4-Pack ($10, link)
  • Standoff Push-Pin – 4-Pack ($10, link)
  • Thumbscrew 6#32 – 10-Pack ($15, link)
  • Thumbscrew M3 – 10-Pack ($15, link)