[3D Print] OBT BC1 Bracket

Project Description

With 3D printing, reproducing simple objects is quit easy and fast. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can easily print spare or additional brackets for your Open Benchtable.  With these files, you will get replica brackets that are identical in shape and size to the original aluminum ones.

The files in the download folder are both in .stl (compatible with most 3D printers out there) and there is also the .thing which is my configuration with the settings I used to print on a Makerbot printer. If you are using your own printer, you may have to use a different set of settings (thread diameter / speed and temperatures).

In the test I made, it takes about 10minutes to print 1 piece. I used LPA (bioplastic) and didn’t really experienced any major issues with it. The final result is fairly solid and quite durable. A good alternative to the original brackets … even though it doesn’t look as good ^^

Note: The original brackets have threading in the central hole that allow it to be mounted onto the table for transportation. This inner thread cannot be 3D printed, so you would have to apply your own threading after printing if you are planing to use it packed.

Thanks to Pureblizz for converting the files! If there are any questions check out the support thread.



Change log

  • 07/11/2016 – version 1.0 released