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PC Building Simulator Features Open Benchtable

In the latest update of PC Building Simulator you can now put together and use the best computer test bench in the virtual world

Building PCs is a Game?

Officially released in January 2019, the ultimate PC Building Simulator (PCBS) challenges computer enthusiasts to build their own PC empire from scratch. The game allows you to build incredible PC systems with the world’s best and most prominent hardware. You can build anything! From simple repair to amazing boutique creations, you’re only limited by your own imagination. The game offers an expansive marketplace full of real-world components.

PCBS also offers a career mode which puts you in charge of your own PC building business. From your own cozy workshop, you must rely on all your technical skills to complete the various jobs that come your way. The game is widely recognized by enthusiasts as an ideal first stepping stone to building your own PC.

Virtual Open Benchtable

Thanks to the kind effort of the developers over at The Irregular Corporation, the developers of PCBS, the Open Benchtable is now available in-game. You can use any of three available varieties of the original ATX-size Open Benchtable in black, red or silver. Use the virtual Open Benchtable to test a new configuration before installing it in the chassis or as the basis for a sleek and compact open-air build. We gave the virtual benchtable a try a couple of days ago and can tell you it’s almost as good as the real deal!

Check out some in-game screenshots below. In case you’re looking for the real-world equivalent of the virtual Open Benchtable, head over to the webshop. You can find the Open Benchtable also in the retail channel by Streacom as the BC1 Open Benchtable.

Download PC Building Simulator

If you like to try out building your very own virtual Open Benchtable, check out the game on your favorite platform :

First steps with the Open Benchtable in PC Building Simulator

Introducing Open Benchtable v1.1: Unified Support Bracket, Upgraded Rubber Feet, Added Security Lock

In this blog post we want to introduce you to the Open Benchtable v1.1. The evolution an updated and upgraded version of the successful Open Benchtable launched almost two years ago. This upgraded version features the unified support bracket, unified rubber feets and a Kensington Security Slot.

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