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HWBOT, OverClocking-TV and Streacom Team Up to Develop the Open Benchtable

Introducing the Open Benchtable Project: A Community-Developed, Portable Yet Full-Featured Benchtable for Overclockers on the Move

March 24th, 2016 – HWBOT, an organization regulating international Overclocking competitions and rankings is delighted to announce its involvement in forming the Open Benchtable Project, joining with OverClocking-TV and Streacom to create an open, community-developed benchtable that towers above current offerings in terms of portability, esthetics and general design.

The first prototypes of the Open Benchtable design, manufactured by Streacom and referred to as the ‘Special HWBOT World Tour Edition’, will be used by overclockers during OC Workshops and contests throughout the World Tour, including forthcoming events in Europe and North America.
“We are excited to bring the HWBOT World Tour Edition benchtable with us on the World Tour, giving us a chance to expose our latest design to the global OC community,” commented Timothée Pineau, head of Project Development at HWBOT and VP of OverClocking-TV. “We are confident that overclockers of all levels and abilities will be impressed and appreciate the portable design and open nature of the Open Benchtable project.”

The Open Benchtable Project : Designed By Overclockers For Overclockers on the Go

The Open Benchtable project is the brain-child of several conversations with Streacom dating back to Computex 2015. Overclocking is a community driven hobby and sport where overclockers are willing to traverse the globe to get benching with like-minded people. Initially the project arose out of a desire to develop a benchtable that would be suited to the needs of an overclocker who tends to travel.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Streacom, the current prototype, the Special HWBOT World Tour Edition is a solid proof of concept. Subsequent retail models from Streacom will be branded as the BC1 benchtable. Measuring 36 cm x 27cm and with a thickness of only 8mm, the Streacom BC1 is made from a single piece of milled aluminum, making it light (only 2.5kg), portable yet rugged and ideal for carrying on the road. Despite its sleek light design the Open Benchtable is in fact extremely solid and designed to offer overclockers support for a full subzero cooled rig, including a CPU pot plus four LN2 cooled VGA cards.

Central to the design is the ability to neatly store the table’s components within its sleek aluminum base. The legs of the table, plus screws and other components reside within a cavity in the table’s main base which is easily sealed for transportation. The result is elegant, refined, light to carry and utterly effective in an overclocking session, wherever you are.


Perhaps the most crucial aspect of the Open Benchtable project is that its design is open to third party developers of additional accessories. Started by HWBOT and OverClocking-TV and later joined by Streacom, the project will allow full access to the blueprints files of the final product revision allowing third party developers to build accessories for these Open Benchtable products, modify and share their design improvements and more.

Ultimately, community enthusiasts will be able to share their own unique accessory designs via 3D files on the Open Benchtable site for others to use.

To learn more about the Open Benchtable project, visit this website: https://openbenchtable.com

Take a look also at the replay from the live unveiling of the first prototype on OCTV’s YouTube channel:

Product Availability

The prototype HWBOT World Tour Edition benchtable will be used and assessed during World Tour events around the world, garnering feedback from the world’s most seasoned overclockers, an essential step in its continued development. Details regarding the availability of the final retail BC1 benchtable will be announced by the OBT Project at a later date.

To stay up to date with news regarding BC1 availability, sign up for the OBT Project subscriber email here: OpenBenchtable.com

Streacom, An Open Benchtable Partner

With a range of products spanning active and passive cooled chassis, valve amplifiers, embedded home entertainment solutions, and other complimentary computer accessories, Streacom also offers OEM/ODM services to companies that require customized or newly developed products that spans the entire service from ‘design to delivery’.

“We have used our vast experience with aluminium cases and unique design approach to create a benchtable that excels in all the right areas,” commented Shimon Simon, Product Manager at Streacom. “Working with HWBOT and OC-TV has given us enormous insight to what overclockers and PC enthusiasts demand, helping us to create an incredibly minimal yet functional design that exudes quality.”

To learn more about Streacom visit: www.streacom.com

If you have any questions regarding this announcement or any other questions in general, please contact us at: contact@openbenchtable.com