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GPU mounting guide

Even if the Open Benchtable is easy to build, sometimes we just want to check how things should work out. Today we focus on installing any sort of full sized extension card, such as a GPU or Capture Card.

Getting ready

First, get the PCI-E thumb screws out.

If you are using the OBT, four PCI-E standoffs are included. To get them out, simply loosen the thumbscrew and they will detach easily.

If you are using an OBT Mini, two PCI-E standoffs are included with your unit. To get them out, you need to unlock the feet. Loosen the 6 screws highlighted in the picture below. Then get the PCI-E standoffs by sliding them out of the feet.

A video is worth a thousand words.

Use the required number of PCI-E standoffs, and store the remaining in their original location.

If you are using a large number of PCI-Express cards and require extra PCI-Express standoffs, consider getting an OBT Screw Kit.


Once you’re all set-up, screw the bottom thread of the PCI-E standoff to the screw standoff. Find the screw standoff attached to the OBT feet. Repeat this process on all the standoffs you plan to use.

Now that everything is ready, mount your PCI-E standoffs in the holes that correspond to the PCI-E slot of your motherboard.

Plug your PCI-Express card. Tighten the nuts on the top screws. All done!

Tips from the team: Some cables with large display port connectors, might need a bit more wiggle room with the standoffs. In this case, play with the top nuts to adjust position and alignment.

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