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Open Benchtable Supports BTF Motherboards

The Open Benchtable officially supports BTF form factor motherboards by double stacking the 25mm motherboard standoffs.

What is BTF?

ASUS BTF motherboards are a new line from ASUS designed specifically for users who want a clean and minimalist aesthetic in their PC builds. BTF stands for “Back To the Future,” and the key feature of these boards is that they hide most of the cables typically cluttering the inside of a computer case.

asus btf

Here’s what are the benefits of the new standard:

  • Hidden Connectors: Unlike traditional motherboards, BTF boards have their power, fan, and other connectors on the backside of PCB, facing the back of the case. This lets you route cables behind the motherboard, keeping them hidden from view.
  • Advanced BTF for Hidden Power Cables: Some motherboards, like the Z790-BTF, take this a step further with a special graphics card slot that can deliver power to the graphics card, eliminating the need for a separate PCIe power cable. This requires a compatible BTF graphics card as well.
  • ATX and mATX form factors: BTF motherboards are currently available in both ATX and mATX sizes, so you can choose one that fits your case.

The new form factor motherboards are a good option for PC builders who prioritize aesthetics and want a clean, cable-free look for their system. However, it’s important to note that they are a relatively new product and may be more expensive than traditional motherboards. They also require a compatible case and potentially graphics card to achieve the fully hidden cable look.

Other motherboard vendors offer similar form factor motherboards which feature backside connectors, for example: GIGABYTE Stealth and MSI Project Zero.

Open Benchtable Compatibility

The Open Benchtable motherboard standoffs are 25mm, meaning the space between the backside of the motherboard and the Open Benchtable is 25mm. While that’s sufficient space to mount a BTF form factor motherboard, it is not sufficient to also plug the power supply cables. Hence, the Open Benchtable does not natively support BTF form factor motherboards.

However, a simple solution is to double stack the motherboard stand-offs. This can be done easily by purchasing three OBT Standoff M3 4-Packs. By double stacking the motherboard standoffs, the space between the backside of the motherboard PCB and the Open Benchtable is now 50mm. This is now sufficient space to also safely plug the power supply cables.

As we demonstrated with the BENCHLAB not so long ago, the Open Benchtable is a stable platform for your hardware even when double stacking the motherboard standoffs.