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Open Benchtable Unboxing and PC Build Guide

Yesterday, Trouffman (Isaïe) streamed a PC build guide using the Open Benchtable for over four hours: from Open Benchtable in the box to fully assembled system. Isaïe is a founding member of the Open Benchtable project and regular host of the Web-TV OverClocking-TV. He said it’s been a while since he wanted to do a stream to show how to build a system using the Open Benchtable as a solid foundation. He received three (3!) tables last week and in the excitement of receiving the final product, he scheduled a stream.

Open Benchtable PC Build Guide by Trouffman

During the four hours of livestream, Isaïe covered the following topics

  1. History and design story of the Open Benchtable – how the table came to be and what’s the thought process behind some of the design choices.
  2. Unboxing of the Open Benchtable – showing future owners how to unpack the Open Benchtable and get it ready for usage.
  3. A complete PC Build guide with the Open Benchtable – preparing the Open Benchtable for assembly as well as put together a complete system

The stream was live on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel, but if you missed it there is now a replay available on the YouTube channel.

Don’t have a benchtable yet?

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