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Pictures – Community Members Show-off their Benchtable

Show us some pictures! The Open Benchtable is shipping since two weeks. And of course, everyone is excited to receive their order! But what is even more exiting is to see how each community member is using his own table. Becasue the design of the table is so flexible, there are hundreds of possible combinations to mount items on the table and arrange each component to ones liking.

Enough talking, here come the pictures :

We’ve collected these pictures through our forums but also across Facebook. If you want to have your rig featured and added to this gallery – simply send us some pictures (or start a new thread on the forums) and we will share.

Show us how you’ve build your system!

Not ordered yet ?

You can order your Open Benchtable now for $149 USD (Community Edition – incl. Open Benchtable + traveler sleeve). We are now handling shipping within 72h on business days from reception of payement.