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Chinese New Year 2021 from Feb 3 to Feb 18

As the Chinese New Year 2021 celebrations are about to get underway, we’d like to inform you about the impact the festivities will have on shipments and order processing.

Our China-based partners will not process orders between February 3 and February 18. The online store, customer support and community forum are not affected and will be available throughout the period. Barring any unfortunate circumstances such as a resurgence of the coronavirus, we expect operations to resume gradually after the celebration period. All orders placed during the celebration period will be processed once the logistics team is back in action.

Also, we’d like to inform you that all products are back in stock with sufficient quantity.

The entire Open Benchtable team wishes you Xīnnián kuàilè (新年快樂) (a happy New Year). May the Year of the Ox bring great fortune and prosperity to you and your families!

The ox’s earthly branch, meanwhile, is associated with yin, which is slow, soft and passive. Its element is earth, representing “stability and nourishment. It is believed these additional associations and the characteristics of the ox have great synergy and are mostly favorable.

Kathryn Wortley, Japan Times (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2021/01/01/lifestyle/2021-year-ox/)