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[Video] LinusTechTips Review the Open Benchtable


LinusTechTips are first to do a video review of the Open Benchtable. Indeed, the Open Benchtable project is still in its relative infancy as a product, but we are very happy to see that it has now enjoyed its very first product review. The guys at LinusTechTips managed to get hold of a sample with presenter Luke taking a close look at our creation. Interestingly, he does so from the perspective of an end-user that has not always been a fan of benchtables in general. Thankfully however, we find that Luke is ultimately won over, giving the OBT a hearty pat on the back for being the best benchtable around – a fact that he credits to the overclocking community.

Check out the video from Luke and the guys below:

As you can see in the video, Luke is genuinely impressed with the overall design that has been optimized for portability and ease of use. Sure, it also offers flexible usage implementations that creative minds will find inspiring, but what perhaps impressed Luke most is the way your rig looks once installed on the OBT. To quote Luke:

“So it’s portable, it assembles and disassembles elegantly, it looks freaking amazing and its sturdy all around. What’s not to like?”


He was also impressed with the fact that the OBT arrives with both push-pin and traditional motherboard stand-offs. For his test build he opted for a mix of both so that a board could be quickly mounted but also screwed down when needed.

“I love this because ease of use is very important when it comes to a test bench and not needing to screw things in, in this case is paramount”

One thing that we have not really touched too much on in our product feature list is cable management. Luke actually makes a really good point in the video on this topic. He mentions how when you remove the stands and brackets from the main body, it creates holes. These holes actually turn out to ideal to use when approaching cable management. You can simply tie and secure the cables to the table using regular cable ties. It makes the whole rig look much more professionally assembled.

“Why are these holes a good thing? Well you can just grab some Velcro straps you can use them as cable management loops to keep everything absolutely tidy.”


Essentially however, the Open Benchtable does a great job of making your open rig look as cool as possible. A fact that is not lost on this reviewer:

“So you end up with what it is in my opinion a very attractive mix of revealing the work you put into it while still looking beautiful.”

Admittedly in the shot below, the rig does indeed look ‘freaking amazing‘!


If the link above isn’t working you can find the LinusTechTips review of the Open Benchtable here on their YouTube channel.

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