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[Video] Open Benchtable, Laser Engraving Process

Here’s an update regarding the first batch of Open Benchtables. We are pleased to tell you that the initial batch are now produced and undergoing the final steps of the production process. Initial orders will be shipped out later this week.

Just to give you some insight into the production process (and a little tease) here’s a video of the final process that the benchtable undergoes – laser engraving. The benchtable first gets cut out using a computer controlled cutting machine known as a CNC machine. Once the separate parts have has been produced  the product then undergoes finishing. First its sandblasted to give it a kind of grainy finish,  then the surface is then oxidized to give it the final color.  This process also hardens the surface to make it less prone to scratching and damage. Finally we come to the laser engraving stage. It’s at this point that the unique serial number is added as well as the OBT logo. All that remains after the engraving is a final quality check and packaging. Check out the video below which gives you a close up view of the engraving process.



If you are interested to learn more about the production process as well insight into the design and development of the Open Benchtable, we can recommend this video and article where lead developer Timothee interviews Shimon, head of design and manufacturing at Streacom.

We are taking orders!

Right now the Open Benchtable is being manufactured in limited batches. It can be ordered now for $149 USD (Community Edition – incl. Open Benchtable + traveler sleeve). The deliveries are to be expected before the end of September.