OBT BC1 Traveller sleeve

Community Edition Open Benchtable Almost Sold Out

Since launch its launch in September earlier this year, the Open Benchtable has proved to be popular with enthusiasts and Overclockers. So much so, that in fact the Community Edition is almost out of stock. Current inventory reveals that there are in fact only thirty units left. If you still fancy treating yourself to a Community Edition OBT, now would be the right time to whip out your wallet.

The Community Edition of the Open Benchtable differs from the standard version in that it comes complete with a traveler carry sleeve (see above). The sleeve is black and is made from a durable elastic material that feels good and simply stretches over the benchtable. It’s perfect for keeping it clean and free from dust and corrosion. The Community Edition also features a special engraving which identifies exactly which one it is from an initial run of only 200 pieces. This means that the Community Edition Open Benchtable, truly is a limited edition product (check out the image below).

The Open Benchtable

The Open Benchtable has been optimized for true portability, a fact  that makes it stand out from other benchtables currently available on the market. It’s only 8mm thick, weighs a just 1.82kg, and is designed for traveling overclockers, enthusiasts and technical professionals. It’s suited to basically anyone who needs to put together a full, open PC while on the road. It’s ingeniously integrated design means that all the components needed to quickly set up a benching station are actually integrated to the main body. These include standoffs, screws and brackets. It really is the next level of convenience and portability.

Order your Open Benchtable now while stocks last for just $149 USD (Community Edition – incl. Open Benchtable + traveler sleeve).